Our Living Memorial:

The movie and soundtrack are both a living remembrance of the late Marianne Psota who was a well-known, beloved Northern Nevada musician/promoter in the 1990’s. Marianne wrote the Nowhere Nevada script while working in Reno at a music store/studio and promoting local concerts. 

She met fiancé Nick Ramirez, the Executive Music Director/Script Holder of the film, who was also a local musician and promoter.  The two fell in love and continued forging the now existing underground music scene.  In 2000, Marianne contracted an unidentified airborne illness, leading to Epilepsy.

Marianne finished two complete versions of the script before dying in her home after living with Epilepsy for four years.  To have known Marianne was to love Marianne. She was 37 years old.

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Photo Credit: David Robert